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We are an integrated production company run by a group of creatives with the goal of bringing ideas of the highest quality into the world. Thriving from working with different people and skill sets to create something memorable.


Lifelong friends with a passion for cinema, the founders of ABOT had drifted apart in search of their fortunes. Somehow, they each ended up specializing on a different aspect of film-making. Realizing this they banded together once again to create and tell the stories they wanted to share with the world, and thus ABOT Studios was born.

Alejandro has 10 years of experience in filmmaking, VFX, and sound design, he has developed a unique style and approach that delivers emotional and powerful work to his audience. 

Alex Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Alejandro Ortiz

Co-Founder of ABOT Studios


César is a writer, producer, video editor and actor from Puerto Rico. Long fascinated with the art of storytelling, he received a bachelor’s in Theater Performance from the University of South Florida before continuing to pursue an acting career in Chicago. While there, he graduated with a M.A. in Digital Cinema from DePaul. 


César Ribot

Co-Founder of ABOT Studios

Post-Production Artist 

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